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The Young Lady's Guide To Natural Health


A practical introduction to natural health for girls ages ten and up. Includes tips on maintaining physical, spiritual and mental health. Available as a 32 page eBook pdf file.

The purpose of this book is to give you, the reader, a brief introduction into the world of natural health. I have gathered all the information that has helped me in the past 15 years of study, and put together the best and easiest tips for anyonewho wants to improve their health. I have included many references for your further study. Really learn about one thing a week, or a month, and you will be an expert before you know it.

 You may feel that you are too busy to take care of your health, with school and other activities taking up so much time, but I promise that if you will learn and apply these simple steps, you will have more energy to do all the things on your busy schedule. It will continue to bless you and your family throughout your life.   ~ Mrs. Graham

Chapter 1: A Healthy Mind

Lovely Books and Periodicals for Girls, Uplifting and Inspirational Music, Affirmations and Visualizations, Starting and Ending Your Day

Chapter 2: Nature’sDoctors

Fresh Air, Sunshine, Exercise, Earth

Chapter 3: Diet

What to Eat, Foods to Avoid, Recipes, What to Drink

 Chapter 4: Caring For Your Body

What to Wear, Natural Hair Care, Care of Teeth, Care of Skin, Natural Skin Care Recipes, Care of the Eyes

Chapter 5: Your Changing Body

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