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Books by Mrs. Marqueta Graham


 "The Young Lady's Guide by Marqueta Graham is a short and sweet book with some of life's most important and basic truths condensed and easily explained for the young reader.  I found a tremendous amount of parallels represented in her book to those that I took in my own life when I made dramatic life changes for my own personal betterment.  I had to read volumes of books, spend a great deal of time in personal meditation and several years to find many of the simple truths she lays out here so effortlessly for the young girl."

~Jamie Jackson, Herbalist~


 "The Young Lady's Guide to Natural Health is the wonderful e-book full of useful information I knew it would be. Marqueta has spent her years learning to become proficient in wild-crafting and how to use what she wild-crafts. Her e-book is both practical and beautiful, easy to read and an encouragement to my own daughters. Be a mother to five of the sweetest girls, she has a heart for young ladies health, both physically and emotional. I think The Young Ladies Guide is a very good introduction to the subject for any girl and her mother to read. Well done Marqueta and I look forward to more books."

~Clarice @ Storybook Woods


"The Young Ladies Guide to Natural Health is a wonderful resource full of timeless and useful information. My daughter and I both enjoyed reading it and learned so many things we did not know. It is a great resource for Mother's as well, who wish to be able to share wisdom with their daughter's on how to care for themselves on the inside and out. It is a wonderful reminder to all women that our health is so important and we must take care of ourselves, when we are healthy we are able to bless our families. Sometimes books that promote healthy living suggest you make so many radical changes instantly that they can be overwhelming and we end up thinking that we could never do that or that we could never make those changes to be healthy, or we try to make so many changes at once that we end up abandoning the whole idea. This book helps to introduce the ideas so that before we know it through little changes we will be feeling better smiling more and living more healthy, and we discover it is possible. I wish I had read this as a young girl and I am so glad to be able to have shared this with my daughter."

~Heather Watts



"Marqueta has been a dear friend for years now, and has been an inspiration to me for pursuing a home birth!  Her strength in facing times of sorrow, and finding joy through each birth has been beautifully depicted in this moving book.  Come along and share her joys and sorrows in her birthing stories and enjoy recipes, tips and her own experiences as she helps you gain confidence in home birthing- You will love this wonderfully written book!"

~Emily Bingham